Power to the Indie Publishers!

Helping readers find new and independent comics. Helping publishers get their fair share. We're out to make some changes everyone will love.

We're disrupting the digital comic market - join us.

Currently, one company dominates the digital comic book market and priority isn't often given to independent publishers and creators. The bulk of indie books are hidden from users on the storefront as the bigger publishers get all the attention and featured spots.

The compensation rate for publishers on indie books is a 50/50 split (after fees) of the publisher decided selling price. Bigger publishers also receive higher priority for processing, resulting in delayed turnarounds for the indie publishers.

As the industry’s first-ever true independent digital comic book platform, we’re dramatically increasing the percentage for creators and publishers and offering more, new, exciting features to boot.


Full-page and panel view options.

User book ratings and average rating.

Personal user libraries.


Multiple Languages

One comic. Multiple languages, all in one file. Readers can choose the language they are most comfortable reading… or learn a new one.

Interactive Art Layers

If provided by the publisher/creator Readers have the ability to toggle through all page layers, from the black and white ink to the final art - with or without lettering.

Smarter Compression

Using smarter compression technologies we’ve made the average size of a downloaded book less than half of the competitors size.


Publishers and creators incur most of the risk and should receive more of the reward. Creating a comic book is expensive at the creative level. The standard distribution fee for other digital distributors is a whopping 50% of the sale price!

We believe the model can be profitable while taking only 15-20% of the sale price of a book (minus payment fees) and giving the creators and/or publishers 80-85%!

It's Time For a Change.

ComicBlender is a win for both readers, publishers, and creators.

Our platform was developed and conceived by comic industry veterans who understand the dynamics of what is needed for success in independent comic books and what roadblocks exist in digital distribution.

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