ComicBlender is your new Superpower!

Helping readers find new and independent comics. Helping publishers get their fair share. We're out to make some changes everyone will love.

We're disrupting the digital comic market - join us.

Currently, just a handful of companies dominate the digital comic book market and priority isn't often given to independent publishers and creators.

Now, as the industry’s first-ever independent digital comic book platform, we’re dramatically increasing the percentage creators and publishers get to 85% and offering more, new exciting features to boot. Toggle-able color and letter layers, multiple language support, and much more to come!

Higher Margins

Publishers and creators take a lot of risk and should get most of the reward. The standard distribution fee of at least 50% paid by publishers is reduced to 15% on our new platform.

Multiple Languages

Books on ComicBlender can have multiple lettered languages included and readers can choose which one they're most comfortable reading - all in a single file.

Interactive Art Layers

If provided by the publisher/creator readers have the ability to toggle both the letters and color layers to show the black and white ink work, remove the letters and ballons to see the art unfettered, or both!

Panel View

Readers have the ability to view a comic page by page, or panel by panel. Publishers: You send us your book, and we make it happen.

It's Time For a Change

ComicBlender is a win for both readers and publishers/creators. Our platform was developed by comic industry veterans who understand the dynamics of what is needed to be successful and have the relationships necessary to deliver the best product available.

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